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Sweet & Easy Photo Valentines

DIY Valentines

Valentine’s Day will be here soon!  If you have kids you will probably be frantically running to the store to purchase some pre-made cartoon cards for their classroom parties, wishing you had time to make all those elaborate valentines you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest.  Ain’t nobody got time for that! So I thought I would share how to make these sweet and easy photo valentines from Minted, so you will be prepared next year.  They are cheap, quick to put together, and so so cute.  Plus my kids loved making them!

DIY photo valentines

First things first, you need to gather your supplies.

photo valentine // boxes of conversation hearts // Scotch permanent double sided tape // bakers twine // sharpie

(you can get your own photo valentines from Minted by clicking here)

Valentines day 2

Next, simply place a piece of double sided tape to the back of your photo card and stick it to a box of conversation hearts.   I love the Scotch permanent tape best for this.

Valentiens day 3

Once all of your photos are taped to the candy boxes, cut a piece of bakers twine and wrap it around the sweet little package, tying a bow.

I found my bakers twine at Target but you can find some at any craft store.

Valentines day 4

And Voila! You have an adorable valentine for your kids to give to all of their friends and it only took a couple of minutes!

Valentiens day 5

I usually have some left over valentines and love to pass them out to the grandparents.  Its almost more fun than sending Christmas cards!

 (These sweet valentines come with envelopes but please note, they are too small to mail using USPS.  I like to just hand deliver mine.)

Valentines day 6

Valentines day 7

valentines day 8

valentines day 9

My kids had such a fun afternoon making their own personalized Valentines!

10 Day Shooting Challenge

10 Day Shooting Challenge

Are you up for the challenge?

If you’re ready to rock your indoor photography in 2016, join me for a FREE 10 Day Shooting Challenge all about indoor natural light photography!

If you stick with me for 10 days starting Monday, January 18th, you are going to see some big changes in your indoor photography.

If you’ve caught me on Periscope lately, you’ve probably heard me talk about tips for learning photography QUICKLY.  One of those ways is by practicing ONE thing at a time – practicing it until you can nail it – before moving on to the next skill.  That’s what these 10 challenge days are for!

I want you to commit to practicing INDOOR NATURAL LIGHT photography every day for 10 days. I will be there every step of the way with daily videos jam packed with indoor shooting tips, examples and homework!  Yes, homework.  It is important to me that you are committed to this challenge and what better way than holding you accountable with some homework.  Each day you will post your homework in the private challenge Facebook group.

Having ACCOUNTABILITY was another tip for learning photography quickly.  I encourage you to embrace the community by commenting and engaging.   By posting, you not only benefit yourself, but others may also learn from your images in the process.

Now the fun stuff …

There will be prizes!  Yep, not only will you grow as a photographer, but also you could win some pretty sweet stuff!

 I’m up for the challenge! SIGN ME UP


Check out this recent Periscope with all the details, including what you will learn each day of the challenge! P.S. The first 10 seconds are blank (thanks Periscope!) but keep listening, all the juicy details are there!
*comments and hearts have been removed. 

What kind of camera do you need for this challenge?  The core skills you will learn in this challenge will help you regardless of what kind of camera you are using.  With that said, our primary focus is going to be on using a DSLR camera as we will be getting into manual camera settings.

What if I can’t take a picture every day?  I realize that life is crazy. Welcome to my world of 3 kids and running a full time business.   There is a reason I didn’t make this challenge 30 days.  You should see real improvement in 10 days and it’s not too long of a commitment.  Make this a priority – use a lunch break or get up a little earlier.  I am going to be your cheerleader along the way!

I’m ready! SIGN ME UP

California Boys | Lexington, KY Family Photographer

These shaggy haired, sun-kissed California boys were equally sweet and fun to photograph! Lots of giggling, running around and flashing muscles.  I love photographing these ages!  I think it is so special when generations get together for family pictures.  I love to think about how these photos will be treasured.

Extended Family Portraits
Child Portrait Photography
Family Portrait Photography

Surprise! | Lexington Maternity and Newborn Photographer

It’s been raining newborns around here lately! I am getting my baby fix this summer and will surely get another dose with the impending arrival of my new nephew soon! I will be in the delivery room photographing his birth – cannot wait!

On to this sweet family…

The majority of the time my maternity and newborn inquiries come from Moms, but that was not the case here! Dad inquired and planned the entire maternity session as a surprise for his wife! We even texted outfit selections for her to wear so he could have them ready when he reveled his big plan! How sweet!
The newborn session was equally as sweet! As with a lot of newborn sessions, there are glowing grandparents excited to help and witness the first photo session. When this grandmother snuck in for a 3 generations shot, magic happened when the biggest newborn grin unfolded in front of my lens!

Lexington Maternity Photographer
Lexington Newborn Photography

Made With Love

Want to know how to make a newborn sleep through an entire session?  This sweet redhead snoozed the whole time while listening to the celtic harp on Pandora! Her Mommy and Daddy found just the right white noise and it certainly worked to lull this little one right to sleep.  I might have to start using that at other newborn sessions!

I traveled up to Louisville, KY  for this newborn session after photographing their maternity portraits here in Lexington.  It’s always fun meeting an expecting couple and photographing them before and after the baby’s arrival.   (Psst … Did you know you can add on an exclusive mini maternity session to any newborn session?)


Lexington Newborn Photographer, Newborn photography lexington ky

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